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Here’s what our volunteers had to say:

Our previous volunteers have brought a wide range of life experiences to the expedition team. For some it has been the first big thing they’ve done since leaving school, for others it has been a career break and a chance to reflect on what they want to do next. Our aim is to bring together a mix of backgrounds, skills and interests to create a unique expedition team every time.

The greatest experience of my life

- George - Expedition Team






This expedition taught me the extraordinary importance of play

- Reut - Expedition Team



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A real life-changing experience.

- Meirion - Expedition Team



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On the trip I have worked with blind, deaf, autistic and Romany children, the type of people I have never ever worked with. An incredible experience

- Morgan - Expedition Team


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The expedition has given me enormous strength. Each time I saw participants smile and enjoy themselves I grew stronger. The past 3 months has increased my confidence in a quite amazing way.

- Sarah - Expedition Team



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I was terrified of putting my life on hold for 2 months but it was 100% worth it. I worked with people I would never normally come across. This is an opportunity to bring joy into the lives of others. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

- Chloe - Expedition Team


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WAP introduced me to a line of work I had not previously

considered and I’m now re assessing my future.

- Erico - Expedition Team


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It is a whirlwind of a trip and will provide a wide and varied environment in which you will be tested in ways you would not expect. You will come out of it feeling more confident and that you have had a genuinely positive impact on those who need it the most.

- Andy - Expedition Team

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The expedition challenged me in ways I never expected whilst providing the kind of support you can only expect from family. Saying yes to World at Play is a decision for which I am eternally grateful.

- Luke - Expedition Team