Our International Partners

Over the past 10 years we have worked with over 5000 young people and a large number of staff in the Balkans. Here are a few of our partners:

SOS Kosova, Pristina               ros-500

SOS is a worldwide organisation working with vulnerable children. In Kosovo, SOS supports struggling families and cares for children who have lost their parents.

OUR WORK: We work in the SOS children’s village in Pristina as well as in some of the outlying areas. Our sessions mainly focus on making sure that the children have fun and interact with each other in a positive way.

WHAT THEY SAID ABOUT US: “The approach was very professional. The World at Play crew managed to bring together children of different age groups, different socio-economic and ethnical backgrounds and kept them entertained. The activities were fun and all the children could participate.”

MRON-500MNRON, Serbia

This is a day centre for adults with learning difficulties.  About 30 adults attend every day and there are good facilities

OUR WORK: We try to introduce a range of play activities which the service users enjoy.  The activities encourage the service users to be more physically active and to co operate with each other.

WHAT THEY SAID ABOUT US: “All of the volunteers were amazing – friendly, cheerful, well-organized, and very professional. They always emphasized the positive things our service users could do.”

Dom za Adgaj Karlovac, Croatiadom-500

This is a centre for children aged 12 -21 with challenging behaviour.   25 live in the Centre and the others come for after-school support.

OUR WORK: We introduce very energetic games to keep the children involved and interested. One of our aims is to encourage co operation and team-work.

WHAT THEY SAID ABOUT US: “They were flexible, kind and full of understanding. They really motivated the children by being creative, energetic and inclusive.”


los-500Los Rosales  Bosnia

A school for children and adults with physical and intellectual disabilities

OUR WORK: We tried to encourage team work and introduced many different games as the service users had a wide range of abilities.

WHAT THEY SAID ABOUT US: “The volunteers had a very sensitive approach to our beneficiaries and respected their potential and their abilities. They adjusted the activities to suit the individuals and encouraged people to help each other.”


The Ideas Partnership, KosovoIdeas-Partnership-500

This is an inspiring charity working with the Ashkali community of Fushë Kosova. They run educational and micro-finance projects, as well as lobbying for the community’s rights.

OUR WORK: Students aged 5-16 are very eager to take part in World at Play sessions! The numbers of participants grow every day as news of the World at Play sessions spreads through the community. The focus of our work is to increase cooperation and team-work between the children.



Halkarin Koprusu, Turkey

Our partner in Turkey is the Izmir-based Halkarin Koprusu, a volunteer-run association of professional people set up specifically to support refugees and marginalised communities.

OUR WORK: WAP work with several hundred Syrian, Turkish and Kurdish children in Izmir in 3 different locations. Some of the sessions are extremely challenging and there are often tensions between the groups. It is necessary to prepare a wide range of games and to make a concerted effort to be inclusive.

This is what the Chairman of the Association said about WAP: “World at Play is the bright face of a dark world.
World at Play gave the children the opportunity to be children again even for a short time. Maybe for the first time in many years they had fun and felt that they had not been completely forgotten. Despite the wars and the fighting WAP is showing that there are still people who make an effort to make the world a better place. And playing with the children is one of the purest and most loving way of doing this. Please come again.”


Lighthouse Relief, Greece

A Swedish NGO working with refugee children in Greece

OUR WORK: 2017 will be the first time for WAP to work in Greece and we expect to be working in 2  camps in the Epirus region of  northern Greece.  Living in a refugee camp is frustrating and very difficult for everyone.  We hope to give the children fun and laughter by playing games with them.  Some schooling is available for some of the younger children in the camps but inevitably  life is fairly joyless in a large tented settlement.  We hope we can give them the opportunity to enjoy being children again.